About us

We've seen firsthand that there's a lot of pain across the housing market. Homewards was founded to alleviate that pain and to create better outcomes for more people.

We saw that there is an opportunity to help two groups who are both being neglected by a difficult marketplace that shows no sign of getting any easier – non-portfolio landlords who are now considering exiting the market and private renters who want to buy.

Traditionally the interests of these two groups are seen as being in conflict with one another.

But we believe this shouldn't and needn't be the case.

We really do think there's a better way.

Our solution gives landlords an opportunity to cash in the majority of their asset while retaining an equity stake and an income. And it gives first-time buyers an easier and more impactful route to owning their first home.

So instead of pitting landlords against tenants, we believe that we can create a partnership between them to achieve much better outcomes for both.

"We exist to make property ownership a collaboration, rather than a competition, between residents and investors. In doing so, we can bring balance and sustainability to the housing market, creating proportionate prosperity for both parties."